Gao Xingfu, the vice governor of Zhejiang Province,and the director and party secretary of the Zhejiang Seaport Development Committee, declared that “Wenzhou Port- Southeast Asia container liner route is officially open to navigation” at the No.8 berth, Zhuangyuanao Port Area of Wenzhou Port at about 11:30am on March 9th. A container was steadily hoisted to “SITC LAEM CHABANG” ship that was executing the task of the maiden voyage. This was Wenzhou Port’s first shipping route to Southeast Asia, which further consolidated Zhejiang port’s position as key node on the “21st century Maritime Silk Road”. So far,he total number of the shipping routes from Zhejiang Province to Southeast Asia has been increased to 28.

At present, the shipping route is operated by Shanghai SITC Container Line Co., Ltd. , which is subordinated to SITC International Holding Co., Ltd.. It is operated one sailing per week with ports of call including Ningbo, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok,Laem Chabang,Manila North and Shanghai.The shipping route is direct, punctual, convenient and rapid. It is also the only Southeast container liner line in Hangzhou custom district (Including Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Lishui, Quzhou).

According to the sources, it takes five days to ship from Wenzhou to Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, 8 days to Bangkok of Thailand and 9 days to Laem Chabang. In addition, the shipping route also provides transit service to 16 ports in Southeast Asia, including Sihanoukville, Batangas, Djakarta, Lat Krabang via Ho Chi Minh and Laem Chabang. The “SITC Laem Chabang” ship that performed the maiden voyage was 17119 dwt with container capacity of 1800 TEUs.

The deputy secretary general of Zhejiang provincial government, the executive deputy director and the deputy secretary of the party committee of Zhejiang Seaport Development Committee Mr. Xia Haiwei; the deputy secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and the mayor of Wenzhou city Mr. Zhang Geng; the member of the leading party group of Department of Communications of Zhejiang Province and deputy director of Zhejiang Province Ports and Shipping Authority Mr. Hu Xuming; the board chairman and secretary of the party committee of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group and the president of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd. Mr. Mao Jianhong; the deputy mayor of Wenzhou City Mr. Chen Jianming; the general manager , deputy chairman and deputy secretary of the party committee of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group Mr. Cai Shenkang; the director and the member of the party committee of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group and the general manager, secretary of party committee and director of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd. Mr. Gong Liming; the deputy general manager and member of the party committee of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group Mr. Sun Daqing attended the maiden voyage ceremony held on site in the morning of the day.

In his address, Xai Haiwei stressed that the opening of container liner route from Wenzhou Port to Southeast Asia was of special symbolic significance. He hoped that the ZSDG and Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group could give full play of the scale effect of the system advantage of the seaport integration, accelerate the construction of new type combined ports in Zhejiang Province, further strengthen the endogenous power for the development of Wenzhou Port Group, promote the quality and efficiency of the port and make more contribution to the local development.

On the ceremony, Mr. Mao Jianhong indicated the group would make overall planning for the opening of other offshore shipping routes and intensify the development of service of Wenzhou Port. He hoped to make joint efforts with Wenzhou municipal government, the relevant departments and port units to advance the thriving development of Wenzhou Port and facilitate Zhejiang Province to successfully realize the target of building strong maritime economy and creating the new model for seaport development in China.