This year, being one of the 3 largest natural stone products fairs in the world and growing and becoming stronger every year, Marble- International Natural Stone Products and Technologies Fair will be hosting the International Stone Congress for the first time

Hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized by IZFAS, the 23rd Marble International Natural Stone Products and Technologies Fair will be held on 22-25 March 2017 in fuarizmir, which is the largest and most cutting-edge fairground of Turkey.

To be held for the first time simultaneously within the Marble Fair, the International Stone Congress will be an opportunity for the experts of the industry to meet up. On panels and events to be held during the fair, the experts and academicians who have conducted international studies on marble and natural stones will meet with the participants and visitors.

MARBLE, Izmir (2016).

At the International Stone Congress, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and IZFAS will build an exclusive platform to promote young people and to encourage generation of applicable creative ideas. In the „Young Creative Ideas Platform“ to be held for the first time, the students of the departments of industrial design, landscape, and the faculty of architecture will meet some of the leading companies of the industry.

MARBLE, Izmir (2016).

The project aims at exposing new designs and products, which will increase and encourage the use of natural stones and marble, on condition that they are producible, able to be commercialized and unique designs.

Non-professional major designers under the age of 30, who are graduates of or still studying at design, landscape, and architectural departments of the universities to get their undergraduate and associate degrees, will be able to participate the project.

Participants of the projects may not be working at any organization related to the industry or may not be instructors at any institution related to the industry; the weight of their designs must be maximum 1 ton and the height must be maximum 1 meter. Technical solutions should be completed for the designs, but the designs will be professionally non-produced, non-released, and ready to be applied.

IZFAS will be presenting a catalog to the tastes of the participants, which include unique-form products made with Turkish stones and which are producible thanks to the characteristics of those natural stones. Participant companies will support the projects they have reviewed to be actualized. Young designers will have the opportunity to exhibit their natural stone and marble projects as well as their creative ideas in cooperation with the industry at the foyer area of fuarizmir.

As for the platform, acceptance to the project started on 22 December 2016 and ended on 23 January 2017, the companies advised the projects they will be supporting on 10 February 2017.

Photos: Izfas

MARBLE, Izmir (2016).MARBLE, Izmir (2016).MARBLE, Izmir (2016).MARBLE, Izmir (2016).MARBLE, Izmir (2016).Fair Marble, Izmir, 2016.