Brinkworth has designed marble-lined interiors for menswear brand End Clothing’s new store in Glasgow, which is set inside an old post office.

The London-based firm was brought on board by End Clothing – which began online – to design its second physical store.


Located inside the former post office building on Ingram Street, the space presented what Brinkworth described as an “atypical space” for retail because of its long and narrow proportions.

Deciding to work with these constraints as opposed to against them, the architects used mirrors to visually alter the perspective of the store’s entrance.

Here, the brand’s signage is displayed in neon and stretches out to the middle of the store where the ground floor reaches a “marble portal”.

“This marble portal houses the circulation core, which links all floors and forms a crucial product launch area in the lower ground void, visible from every aspect,” said Brinkworth.

“Central to the store this space is supported with digital screen walls for brand content,” they continued. “The marble itself is a beautiful Calacatta Carrara, which is also used on fixtures throughout.”

The rest of the store is organised into three sections – contemporary and casual on the ground floor, streetwear on the lower-ground floor, and high-end luxury on the upper ground level.

Each area was designed to be distinguishable from one another, while still all complementing each other as a whole.

Timber batons are used throughout the entire space to provide a framework for shelving and rails. Flooring across the majority of the store is polished concrete, but on the upper ground level it transitions to maple parquet.

The brand wanted footwear to remain the focus of the store and in response to this, Brinkworth designed an illuminated wall that recesses into the marble.

“End are a progressive and forward thinking brand and have very discerning taste,” said Graham Russell, associate director at Brinkworth. “They are driven by a clear vision of what they want to achieve and this clarity of direction enabled us to creatively capture the spirit of End”.

Brinkworth was established in 1990 in London. Since then, the studio has created interiors for chicken restaurant chain Bird, and cycle wear brand Rapha.

Most recently, the studio overhauled the interior of an old building in Paris to create a retail space for New York streetwear brand Supreme.

Alice Morby